Lee Aaron

Lee Aaron is recognized as one of the country's most talented and influential drummers. 

Lee lives in Berkshire 28 miles from central London and has been playing drums since the age of eight. He is influenced by many different styles of music, having been exposed to all genres from an early age. His appreciation and understanding of all types of music is inspiring, from jazz and blues through to funk and metal, he intuitively understands what is necessary from a drummer. 

Lee has played thousands of gigs in the uk and abroad and has developed a following wherever he plays, not just for his playing skills but also for his youthful exuberance, warmth and off the wall comments that he has become well known for. The love for his instrument, his stage charisma and the 100% effort he always gives shines through at every performance, and is always conveyed to and given back to him by the audience.

Nick Andrew

Nick Andrew grew up in Scotland, where he established a formidable reputation as a virtuoso guitarist, composer, teacher and session guitarist in studios in Glasgow and Dundee. He played alongside various masters from the world of Classical and Jazz guitar including Simon Dinnegan, John Goldie, Allan Neave and Russian composer Nikita Koshkin. 

He moved to London in 1997 to further develop his career, working on a wide range of solo and collaborative projects with various solo artists, cover bands, including a U2 tribute band, where Nick honed his skills in guitar effects and sound textures. He has also worked for various musical companies in the pits, as an entire orchestra! 
Nick is addicted to the musical comradery of the Lee Aaron Band.

Barry Aaron

Barry Aaron has extensive live experience performing from a few hundred to many thousands of people. 

He has appeared with many top named acts across the country including The Stylistics, Drifters, Slade, Bobby Davro, Jim Davidson, Mike Reed to name just a few. 

Barry has the ability to make an audience warm to him the minute he walks on stage, he instinctively knows what is required from a frontman and drives the band in a positive and exciting direction. 

Darren Redick

Darren Redick is our token American in the band. He’s a big fan of Rush and he knows almost all of the notes on the bass. He sings when threatened and tap dances under duress. Also, he presents the afternoon show on Planet Rock Radio.