Dear Barry,


I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you and the boys did once again on Saturday night. Having used you twice before for special events, you didn't disappoint. The place rocked and the staff at the venue said that they don't recall a band that got so many people up dancing. There was something for everyone. The drum and guitar solos were absolutely incredible. I wish I could put it into words. When Lee did his drum solo the whole room stopped, a very special moment. so many commented on how talented you all are.

You did so much to make my birthday so incredibly special. Thank you.

A number of friends have asked for your details. Please feel free to publish my comments as a testimonial. I couldn't recommend the band highly enough. I've tried to put a review on Lemonrock, but only seemed to be able to do it in association with an advertised event. Please let me know if I have missed something.

Many thanks again.

Colin Sales  

The Dukes Head, Sandhurst 

The Dukes Head's page

Bizarrely, despite being based in the same town and bumping into individual members at Jam Nights and other bands' gigs in local venues, this was the first time that I had been to a Lee Aaron Band gig.

Something of a household name locally, the band take their name from their outstanding drummer, who plays at pro level. With flamboyance in abundance but meted out with rigorous control, Lee's performance was undoubtedly inspirational to any drummers present in the busy Dukes Head audience.

That said, The Lee Aaron Band is not just a one man show and has a line up of very experienced seasoned professionals performing an excellent repertoire of crowd pleasing songs, some of which are refreshingly not the 'pub standards' heard week in, week out. The sound was high quality, well balanced and levels were not uncomfortably loud throughout the evening.

The venue itself has a growing reputation for its friendly approach and relaxed atmosphere and is fast becoming one of the busiest live music venues in the area.

The first set was kicked off with The Beatles' "Back In The USSR", soon followed by Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" and included Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" and Franz Ferdinand's "Take me Out" amongst others. Throughout the evening I was particularly impressed with the spread of genre-crossing material that was covered right through to James Brown's "I Feel Good" and The Trammps' "Disco Inferno" which certainly had the crowd bouncing and dancing in the remaining limited space. Humourously, 'there's plenty of room at the front!' quipped singer Barry. Actually, there certainly was not!

Both sets also featured some excellent slower and quieter songs to contrast with the up tempo material, including Paul Weller's "You Do Something To Me", Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine" and Duran Duran's "Ordinary World".

Other highlights in their sets included the creative use of guitar synth-effect technology to enhance Van Halen's "Jump" and a lengthy but stunning drum solo during The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again".

In conclusion, The Lee Aaron Band gave The Dukes Head a great night and I'm sure everyone came away feeling thoroughly entertained, even if the place was a bit packed. The band certainly delivered and I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to catch them again.

John Cherry, 

Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks John for your kind words, it certainly means a lot coming from a fellow musician, The Dukes Head is indeed a great venue and the enthusiastic crowd always makes the night special, I know Lee and Barry managed to catch your band the very excellent Cherries the following evening, sadly I was unable to be there but the guys told me you put on a top class show to a very packed Wellington Arms Sandhurst. I will endeavour to come and see you guys at the first available opportunity. KEEP MUSIC LIVE Dicky Bass The Lee Aaron Band. :@)


Rating 10/10 : Brilliant The Lee Aaron Band rocks the Fox Fox & Hounds, Fleet 

Fox & Hounds's page

I have been a regular at the Fox & Hounds for a while and love to see the bands on a Friday night. The pub are renowned for having good bands and Friday was no exception when we saw the return of the mighty Lee Aaron Band. (If you have not seen them before make sure you catch them at a gig soon.)

From the opening chords this band were in your face playing a fantastic mix of covers ranging from a couple of sixties favorites including a fantastic cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" followed by numbers from the likes of Queen, Greenday, Paul Weller, The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Fratellis, The Stereophonics as well as a fantastic versions of "Funky Music" and James Brown's "I Feel Good". Their band's setlist and stellar performance had everyone one up on the dancefloor.

The really great thing about this band is that they engage their audience and play a set that 'fits': for example, on this occasion they even popped in some cheesy stuff, including a Ska version of The Mavericks' "Dance the Night Away". All of it went down a storm

This band have a loyal following of fans who make regular efforts to come and see them and while loads of people might have spent Friday night at home saving their energy and cash for New Year's Eve, this gig was well attended because of who were playing, which counts for a great deal to the venue fortunate enough to have capitalised on increased bar takings as a result of having booked them and to the fans who are never disappointed with either the band's performance or the post-gig chats with such a friendly band.

I was therefore really disappointed to hear that the band has decided not to play at the Fox & Hounds anymore and although they wouldn't elaborate as to why, I'm guessing it's for the same reason I've heard from other bands and down to the Landlord reducing the amount he will pay bands in 2012.

Still, there are other pubs out there and I urge anyone who loves live music to check The Lee Aaron Band out at wherever they are playing, because they are - for my money -one of the best cover bands on the circuit!

A music fan, 


Rating 10/10: Brilliant Brilliant Sounds From Amazing Band. The Rowbarge, Guildford 

The Rowbarge's page

From the word go, The Lee Aaron Band hit the road running, rocking hot, fast and furious, captivating the audience with their lively and unique sound.

Their style of presenting classic rock was exciting and exhilarating, holding the attention of everyone in the place.
The band, consisting of three experienced professional sounding musicians and a young aspiring drummer with great potential and a promising future, is a group that rock fans will love.

Numbers played ranged from The Who, Status Quo, Bryan Adams and Queen, to name just a few: all the old favourites played to perfection, with a steady pace that did not falter.

The atmosphere in The Row Barge was buzzing. The appreciative audience participated by dancing, clapping and cheering. The lead singer kept the audience happy by playing requests, and there was a great party atmosphere.

Definitely one of the best bands around, and not to be missed!

Pauline and John, 

Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks Pauline and John for your Kind Words, we had a great time at the Row-barge as we always do, I must have been elsewhere when we played Status Quo as i don't remember it being on the Set List :@). Hope to see you at another gig soon, always check Lemonrock for current gig list or check our website Cheers Dicky bass


Rating 10/10 : Brilliant Electrifying Mr Bumble, Camberley 

Mr Bumble's page

Well, after seeing this band in Bracknell, we just had to see them again for more. Luckily we did not have to wait too long as they were playing the next night in Mr Bumbles in Camberley. OMG! - this band was certainly well loved here and they went down a storm. (Guys, you really rocked the place, literally!)

The atmosphere was electric and the fans were dancing on the tables all around us. They could not get enough of this band, all of whom are brilliant musicians, with every cover performed utter perfection.

As I write this review (over a month later) I still have the sound of the lead guitar in my head. Boy, he made that guitar talk! I'm not sure which lead guitarist he was, as you mention two that could be playing, and I am sorry but did not catch his name at the end of your gig because he certainly deserves a special mention.

One great song led to another, with the likes of 'Dakota' by Stereophonics; 'Sex on Fire' by Kings of Leon; 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynard Skynard and 'Ruby' by Kaiser Chiefs. All these to name but a few.

Lee, you have amazing talent for someone so young and you deserve to go far. Good Luck for the O2 later this year!

Can't wait to see you again.


Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks for the review We love to play at mr Bumble , it is the BEST venue in the area by far , the Guitarist is the very talented Nick Andrew, please come and say hello at our next gig and you can join us for a drink. Cheers Dicky Bass


Rating 10/10 : Brilliant Burning up Burnham Ye Olde Swan, Burnham 

Ye Olde Swan's page

I came down to Ye Olde Swan to meet a few mates for a quiet beer before heading off to Slough for the night. We arrived just as the band were starting their second set and had only intended staying for a 'quick one' before leaving, but a soulful, then full-out rocky version of 'Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone', was so good we thought give it another couple of numbers before leaving. As it turns out, we didn't leave until kicking out time!

The Lee Aaron Band were 'full on', powering from one great song into another. The singer had the audience's attention the whole time and really involved them. The band played a brilliant covers of Kaiser Chief's, 'I Predict A Riot' and the whole pub was up and singing 'Sex on Fire' and chanting along to a rousing rendition of 'Chasing Cars'.

The set list also included numbers by Greenday, The Stereophonics and The Killer's, 'Mr Brightside', finishing off with the most amazing version of 'Won't Get Fooled Again' in which the drummer (Lee Aaron) played the most amazing drum solo I have ever seen anywhere let alone in a local pub!
The crowd wanted more and received two brilliant encores, of 'Funky Music' and 'I Feel Good', both performed with a funky feel.

If you like live music I recommend you come and see The Lee Aaron Band. They certainly know how to entertain and unlike a lot of cover bands they are fantastic at the Rock stuff & as equally at home playing Funk or Soul.

Burnham was certainly 'on fire' this Saturday. I will definitely be down to see this band when they are in the area again.

Bill Denwick, 

Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks for that, we always love to play Ye Olde Swan it's a great venue with great staff and great customers who always are up for a good time. Hope to see you at our next gig, come and say hello and we will buy you a beer. All our gigs are listed on Lemonrock. Cheers Dicky Bass 

Mr Bumble, Camberley 

Mr Bumble's page

What an amazing night... The band was on top form and played up to the crowd's every whim... We wanted more and we got it with bells on!

From the start we were dancing, we crooned along with the ever popular "Chasing Cars" and were impressed with the inclusion of a Green Day song ("When September Ends") we weren't expecting. By the time they did "Hey Jude" and "I've got a Soul but I'm not a Soldier" at the end there wasn't a person sitting down expect for Lee himself! I still have that song in my head 2 days later and can't wait to see them again...

Am pleased to see Mr Bumble already has them booked up for throughout next year! We loved the young guitarist and think he is another amazing talent. To top it all they are great people too, and took the time to talk to me after... We had an amazing time, thank you!



Rating 10/10 : Brilliant blew us away Mr Bumble, Camberley 

Mr Bumble's page

I have been going down to Mr Bumbles since they started having live music, I have seen some great bands but tonight they had a new band playing, The Lee Aaron Band. I arrived at 9pm to find the pub pretty full, the band started up 9.30 and from the first opening chords I knew we were in for a treat, the band steamed from one song to another, the crowd were going mad, there were people up on the tables dancing (I have never seen this kind of thing down at Bumbles before) this band really ROCKED with a capital R.

They put in a few sing-along numbers like Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Home Alabama. This band are in a whole different league to any other band I have seen at Bumbles or anywhere else for that matter.

After a well earned 20 minute break the band came back on for the second set, and once again the place was rammed and even the hardcore smokers abandoned their ashtrays to watch the band. The second set was built up nicely with a couple of slow numbers to lull the crowd into a false sense of security then WHAMO they laid on the rock with Smoke on the Water, on to great versions of Ziggy Stardust, Summer of 69, The Snow Patrol sing-along one (can't remember the name). Basket Case had the whole pub jumping up and down, as did I Predict a Riot. They just kept the rock coming.

They finished with the Who's Won't Get Fooled Again, this gave the young drummer a chance to do his stuff, he played a great drum solo like I have never heard in a pub before - it was so fast his arms were like a blur.
The Encore was Don't Look Back in Anger (the whole place was on their feet singing & swaying).

The whole band was absolutely fantastic.

I would advise anyone who likes live music to check these guys out.



Rating 10/10 : Brilliant these boys are hot stuff The Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell 

I was down the Bier Keller in Bracknell for a hen night, I was thinking get the food out of the way and then get on to the club to dance. To be honest I don't like Rock music and much prefer to be in the night club, but this band blew me away - they were full on from the beginning to end, the singer really got the audience involved, and it was loud and exciting. I didn't know a lot of the songs they did, but I danced all night, they did a few surprising songs like walking on sunshine and the one that goes "I just wanna dance the night away". I am looking forward to seeing them again, especially the Drummer who could sure hit those drums.

Boozy Suzie, 

Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks for your review, It's always nice if we can turn people on to rock music who would normally just do the dance music thing. Please come and see us again, all our gigs are listed on Lemonrock or you can check us on Cheers Dicky Bass


Rating 10/10 : Brilliant A Truly Brilliant Night The Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell 

Saturday night saw the Lee Aaron Band at the Coppid Beech Hotel Beer Keller, Sat 28th Feb, Bracknell. What a fantastic band, have never seen them before and just happened to be down there with a couple of muso mates. The place was packed and with only a four piece band on stage I thought they were going to have to work hard. They didn't disappoint, from the opening number to the last they had the audience hooked the whole time playing a bag of mixed covers, from Billy Idol, Queen, Snow Patrol, Kaiser chiefs, Deep Purple and they were brill! Fantastic guitarist totally on the ball, a great front man keeping it all together and a bass player who was totally in tune with the drummer, the drummer was very young and was quite the best I have seen ever! I spoke to the band afterwards and got a card. I will make a point of seeing them again, nice guys as well. Go and see them you will have a great night!

Darren Giles, 

Reply from The Lee Aaron Band: Thanks For your comments, we aim to please, come to our next gig at The rose and Crown Sandhurst and bring friends. The Rose and Crown gigs are always a blast and packed out, the Landlord is Barry and one of the best landlords around he will make you all really welcome Dicky Bass


Rating 10/10 : Brilliant The business The Dog & Partridge, Yateley 

The Dog & Partridge's page

Word on the street was that there was a new band in town. This was my first visit to The Dog & Partridge in Yateley. I was down to check out the band I had heard so much about. I had heard that this band had a young drummer - 15 or 16 years old. I have been playing drums for 10 years and I have seen plenty of good drummers both young and old so I anticipated seeing a competent drummer with an average pub band.

The pub was full and most of the folk at the venue had come just for this band.

When the band started I was blown away, the whole band was incredibly tight. The young drummer Lee was absolutely amazing: he put me in mind of a young Keith Moon but he had more speed and control.

The band powered through the first set with hot covers of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell, Spin Doctors' Princes, Too Hard to Handle, a brace of Hendrix numbers, and the first set ended with a great singalong with Sweet Home Alabama.

The band were just as they had been described to me: brilliant, entertaining and fun.

The second set opened up with a version of Ain't No Sunshine then Deep Purple's Smoke on the water. They did Ziggy Stardust and I Predict a Riot. Lee did a kicking drum solo in the middle of Won't Get Fooled Again - apparently he is a finalist in the young drummer of the year competition. After what I saw last night I think he will walk it.

This Band are the business I will defiantly be at their next gig. 10 out of 10.

Micky Finn,